[EpiData-list] Defining Entry Rights EpiData Manager v4.6.0.2

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Tue Mar 10 12:01:58 CDT 2020

You are on the right track, but are missing a step.

The approach is:

1. define the admin user

2. define groups
   - you added data entry group, but DON’T give them any rights on that page (first image). The check boxes are just for the management rights. 

3. define users
   - add a new user (name, password) and assign to the data entry group

4. define entry rights
   -click on your data entry user(s) and give them person Read, Update, Create rights on the ‘Current Entry Rights’ tab by clicking in those boxes; you can actually take away entry rights from an admin.

4. save the project

> On Mar 10, 2020, at 08:19,Edna wrote:
> Just following up on my query above.. I thought maybe sharing some screen
> shots would clarify the problem I am encountering with defining entry
> rights for a data entry user in epidata manager... So this is how I have
> set up this particular group and you can see there assigned rights..
> Ideally I wouldn't even want them defining, preparing double entry or
> translating projects but in case the issue was that I was not assigning
> them any rights at all I give them these limited rights..
> [image: image.png]
> The  problem is when I then look at current entry rights below  this group
> of users have none at all in the data form. The only way they get right s
> is if I make them part of the admin user group which completely defeats the
> purpose of having a hierarchical user system because then they can do
> everything the admins can?
> [image: image.png]
> Trying to define Entry rights as shown below does not result in anything
> happening at all.
> [image: image.png]
> I really like several of the features in the epidata manager and very keen
> to see if we can use it for our study starting in June in Northern Nigeria.
> With kind regards,
> Edna Ogada

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