[EpiData-list] EpiData classic v3.1 in 2020? Under 64bit?

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Fri May 1 14:48:00 CDT 2020

Dear EpiData list members,

Use EpiData classic v3.1 in 2020? (last release in 2008)
YES - that's what I have just been doing, based on good experience a 
decade ago under Windows 7 pro 32bit, and on guidance found regarding 
EpiData v4.6 versus v3.1 on <http://www.epidata.dk/download.php> (see 
HOWEVER, one important feature no longer seemed to be working under 
Windows 7 pro 64bit: DEFINEd variables were only locally available (i.e. 
in the same record), but not GLOBALly (i.e. across RELATEd tables).

Is anything known about this problem, or even a work-around?

This would be important, because:
1- EpiData v3.1 uses a parsimonious language easy to retain e.g. for 
researchers who only occasionally are in the situation to program 
themselves a data entry tool (but then typically like to get it working 
quickly w/o learning new software);
2- According to http://www.epidata.dk/download.php (accessed today), "In 
special situations or when a given function is not yet developed in 
Manager, EntryClient and Analysis you could need ... EpiData (Classic) 
Entry v3.1 (get it here) (only for programmed checks, before/after end 
blocks)". HOWEVER, MANY will find essential what can be done with 
BEFORE/AFTER FILE/RECORD/(field) blocks and apparently can not (yet?) be 
done with v4.6;
3- The feature "DEFINE variable GLOBAL" is necessary for multiple-level 
hierarchies and longitudinal databases (and it proved feasible and 
effective when I did it 10 years ago under Windows 7 pro 32bit, 
communicating only by email between North-America and sub-Saharan Africa).

Thanks in advance

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