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The SPSS file format is not open and declared, such that one needs to 
run a syntax file to import the data.

This is in contrast to Stata, which documents for all versions how other 
suppliers may write a proper Stata file (or import this). Therefore the 
new Analysis and Manager can handle Stata formattet files and direct csv 
export, but not SPSS files.

I think more recent versions of SPSS can import Stata files directly (I 
last used SPSS in 1995).

Best wishes

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association, Denmark

On 03/07/2020 06:37, EpiData development and support wrote:
> Dear Torsten, dear Jens,
> Epidata-Manager does the SPSS-Export in a indirect way. A 
> SPSS-Syntax-File and a CSV-Data-File are created.
> You have to run the Syntax in SPSS to create a SPSS-Datafile. This is 
> the current proceeding.
> For this proceeding I have some questions:
> - Is it very hard to create a SPSS-Datafile at once?
> - Why is the SPSS-CSV-Data-Export-File different to a direct 
> CSV-Data-Export-File? The Structure is different.
> In my opinion it will be easier and a clear way to have ONE 
> (adjustible) CSV-Data-Export-File. For that I recommend to replace the 
> second Tab in " Tools/Export.../Type: SPSS 'SPSS-Options' " with the 
> 'CSV-Options'
> (except for "Export Value Labels" because this is a great advantage of 
> EpiData! Perhaps this Item stands better one the first Tab.)
> - Is it possible to change the default given SPSS-Syntax?
> The "Data List"-Command still works, but it is a little bit out of 
> date. It does not work with the qualifier for Textvariables. So you 
> have to edit the csv-File or have to write a new Syntax. "GET DATA" is 
> the current Command.
> With kind regards
> Michael
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