[EpiData-list] New versions of Manager, EntryClient and Analysis

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Wed Jun 23 11:57:30 CDT 2021

Dear all

 From today you will find on the website at 

The new public release versions are:
EpiData Manager and EntryClient version
EpiData Analysis version

The main new aspect is that Analysis now has a dialogue as an assisting 
tool for creating analysis commands with most options for frequencies, 
tables, describe and ctable. Find this in the menu point "Analysis".

In addition the whole principle of development is in re-design, such 
that future updates should be easier to manage within the project.

You should notice that the current release versions will be the final 
ones for 32 bit systems (older computers). The reason is that the 
maintenance of all possible aspects for as well 32 and 64 bit versions 
for as well Windows, Linux and Mac OS has become too cumbersome. The 32 
bit versions ( or will remain downloadable from the 
page: http://www.epidata.dk/download32.php

In short time the main download page will be adapted to contain only 64 
bit versions and links to Classic EpiData and the 32 bit versions. The 
adaptation will also complete updating of other aspects, e.g. content of 
"latest changes" files.

Thanks to the implementation and development of principles by Torsten 
Christiansen and Jamie Hockin (struggling with Mac aspects), plus 
guidance from Hans Rieder and coordination/managing efforts by myself 
the project continues.

Without the continued comments and downloads that we can see from all 
users we would not be motivated to continue, so thanks for that.

The current aim is to include all functions available in classic 
EpiData.(whether to include "before/after blocks" will be decided later).

After our summer period here (july-august) development will continue 
with graphs in analysis and other aspects.

best wishes

Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator of EpiData Software

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