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Sat Jun 26 11:28:48 CDT 2021

I would like to thank Jens, Torsten and Jamie for their stirling work.

I am facilitator of an online module (part of the PGDPH) at the University
of Pretoria in South Africa.
We have about 750 students enrolled for the module (620 just completed and
130 will be starting on Monday in a second offering) and we decided to use
EpiData as the software of choice
for data entry and management for all the good reasons that people know

Many of the students use Apple Mac computers and, of these, an increasing
number are using Catalina or Big Sur as their OS.
When our first module started 8 weeks ago several students using Catalina
really struggled to install and use EpiData; most had to then borrow or buy
a Windows computer to do the 1 week modulette on EpiData.

I contacted Jens, about ten days ago, and two days ago I received a reply
that he would be upgrading the current public release to assist our
This adds an enormous amount of value as more and more students in Africa
are working with Apple Mac computers, and it is reassuring for us that
EpiData will continue to be developed and upgraded for the benefit of these

Many thanks gentlemen!

Brendan Girdler-Brown
+27 (0)11 477 7865
+27 (0) 66 077 1295

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